Princess Leia

Cosplay by Ivy Pole

Photos by MC Illusion Photography


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One more month.

Got real

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I put these together because I am sick of reading girls putting themselves down on tumblr because they don’t look like any of these women. There are things called high end cosmetics and photoshop that make these women look perfect by hiding their blemishes and wrinkles. The truth is they can afford far better makeup than you. The stuff they use is almost magic. And we all know the things they can do with photographs these days. Strip all that away and they’re just like you. You also have to figure how many of these women had cosmetic surgery. There is no so such thing as a perfect and flawless looking person.


These kinds of posts, whether it’s actresses, models, porn stars, whoever…they’re always so surprising. Because all of a sudden you realize all of those beautiful, glamorous, ‘flawless’ women you’ve seen in movies and on TV and in magazines are so…average-looking. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but none of them are born looking perfect the way they do with all of their makeup on and hair done. 

Emma Watson and Demi Lovato are so cute without makeup but I really like that everyone actually just looks like a normal person

Except for Kesha. Kesha looks like a 14 year old boy

I think they all look normal

As I strolled through this list I saw Emma Watson and thought
I have chosen my celebrity crush wisely
no force on earth can make her not gorgeous

But it frustrates me because these women should be allowed to look like this, ALL women should be allowed to go out without slap on their faces without the world going OH MY GOD IS THAT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. We don’t have this shock with any male celebrities because they aren’t altered beyond belief every time they are near a camera and it makes me sad. Women shouldn’t have to be changed, to be painted, to appear beautiful. 

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Que buena frase.


Que buena frase.

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es lo que hay.

es lo que hay.

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